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Most commonly referred to as “Spinosa” I’m best described as a short Italian guy that’s pretends he’s from Boston but has spent the majority of his life in Maryland. I’m the Chief Executive Officer of Unleashed Technologies, LLC an enterprise web and hosting firm with headquarters in Columbia, MD.

The extent of my professional career has been spent developing a strong foundation in software, information technologies, and enterprise project management before founding the firm with one of my partners Scott Greenwell in 2007. From a personal perspective I’m pretty hard to forget. I’ve been told I don’t have much of a personal filter for the words that come out of my mouth, I’m heavily sarcastic, and love to make people laugh.

The quick checklist of passions are business, technology, football (N.E. Patriots fanatic), and my family. It’s probably wise to mention these are not in order before I face the wrath of all reading this for tacking my family on the end.

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